Filmmaking begins and ends with storytelling.  Whether you are a small business, large corporation, newly engaged couple, non-profit, band, family, person, place, thing, animal, or intellectual fragment of a creative idea, there is a story behind what drives and motivates you, what defines you, and what outlines the contours of the unique characteristics that compose your individual persona and psyche. The moving picture can act as a sublime portal which allows us all to access and connect with our stories in a manner more ethereal than in any other medium. Stories told through cinema move us, educate us, and show us something we may have seen before but have overlooked a thousand times or more.

Passion, creativity, character, diligence, selflessness, respect, grit -- they all come together in varying degrees and proportions to form the voice and visual of your story.  Beyond the craftmanship of filmmaking, I pledge these things to you and your story first.