My dad calls me Alexandros when I'm in trouble, but you can call me Alex.


My favorite piece of cinematic magic is Raging Bull.


I walk six miles a day on account of a very energetic one of these.


I graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in Film Studies.


I tiller this and do this 91 days a year in the Nation's Capital.


I do not twerk.


My biggest pet peeve is apathy in both myself and others.


My mom is Irish, my dad is Greek, and my wife is from Indiana; you do the math.


I believe that in exploring the mystery we uncover a small piece of the magic.




While I am based in Alexandria, Va in the National Capital Region, I will gladly travel the globe to tell your story. 

I specialize in people, places, and things, including:









Interesting people

Good Ideas